Letter: Freeport candidates must denounce vandalism

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I have been involved in the Freeport political scene since 1960 and have campaigned and been elected to office several times. I am appalled at the sign rage evidenced this year by supporters of some candidates in the Town Council races. The most egregious is the destruction of signs in the District 3 Town Council Race. In every election a candidate can expect to lose some signs due to weather or vandalism, but this year the apparent organized effort to remove and destroy candidate signs is the worst I have ever seen.

In other districts dozens of other candidate signs have been removed, many of them posted in public rights of way. I do not believe any of the candidates are responsible or condone this. I am convinced, though, that it is the work of misguided supporters who believe they are helping the candidate or candidates they support by undertaking this mischief. I call on all candidates running for the Town Council to make a public appeal for this destruction and vandalism to stop. Let’s restore respect and civility to the campaign, the citizens of Freeport deserve and expect more.

Ed Bonney