Letter: Freeport can support its own school district

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Freeport already pays like an independent school system. In 2013-14 Freeport paid just over $2,000 extra per student over RSU 5’s average payment of around $11,000. This equals over $2.2 million extra to support an RSU. It’s equivalent to all system-wide technology, maintenance, student assessment, nutrition, central office/business office, as well as superintendent, board of directors, curriculum development, and shared capital renewal projects, plus $250,000 left over. We can financially support an independent school system.

Freeport’s finance director and the Withdrawal Committee made clear comparisons in a financial analysis using very conservative numbers. Because of these very conservative numbers (offering potentially hundreds of thousands in further offsets), even with the 2014-15 budget we are within a safe range if some students choose other schools. Vote yes to return to a more flexible and cost-effective model that will yield greater gains for our schools and all of the kids.

Mandana MacPherson