Letter: Frank's column sets standard for political opinion

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I haven’t voted for a Republican in at least two decades, and that’s very unlikely to change this November.

But that said, I feel compelled to comment how impressed I am with columnist Halsey Frank’s writing, and specifically with how well he expresses his ideas. It’s rare to see essays on politics that aren’t chock full of disdain and disparagement aimed at those with whom the writer disagrees, but Frank did a terrific job of avoiding that pitfall in his endorsement of Mitt Romney (“Short Relief: Romney for President”). He extolled what he views as his chosen candidate’s virtues without wasting energy firing angry broadsides at Mr. Romney’s rivals for the top spot on the GOP ticket this fall. Nor did he denigrate or belittle President Obama, who presumably would run against Romney should the former Massachusetts governor secure the GOP nomination.

I plan on voting to re-elect Mr. Obama this fall; while I haven’t been pleased with everything he’s done, on balance I think he’s performed admirably in a very tough job despite the strenuous efforts of his “loyal opposition” to simultaneously tie his hands while blaming him for every real and imagined problem our nation has.

But being exposed to more views like Frank’s can’t do anything but help the state of America’s political discourse. I may not agree with what he advocates very often, but the eloquence and logic with which he expresses his opinion makes it much easier to disagree with him in a respectful and thoughtful manner.

Andrew D. Young