Letter: Frank's column incorrect about Trump's success

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Halsey Frank states that those who voted for Trump aren’t “bigoted or ignorant” (Short Relief: “Trump won because he knew better”). I’m curious to know how he would characterize them. They voted for someone who encouraged violence at this rallies, denigrated a fallen soldier and his parents, mocked a disabled person, advocated for a religious test to be in the country, attempted to undermine the legitimacy of the press, demonstrated no knowledge of the Constitution, held few consistent policy positions and is a sexual predator by his own admission. I could go on.

So are Trump voters uncaring, uninformed, naive? What? Sadly, many who voted for him thinking he would actually help them are in for many surprises.

Trump’s win is barely legitimate, considering that the Russians manipulated the election process. He certainly does not have a mandate to dismantle our democracy, something he seems inclined to do.

Not my president. Ever. I intend to resist in any way I can. And just for the record, he lost the popular vote by a huge margin, regardless of his claims of imaginary voter fraud. The only fraud in this story is Trump.

Mary Ann Larson

  • DanMaine

    Mary, you are misinformed. Trumps voters voted against Hillary, the most corrupt Presidential candidate EVER. Hillary’s minions and the DNC created the violence at the rallies (documented by project Veritas, look at the videos) Like it or not we can not vet refugees from the Middle East, we need to provide support to them over there, closer to their own countries. It is both safer for American Citizens and much more economical. Voter wanted change from the corrupt, unrepresentative socialism being promoted by the extreme Liberal left. I’ll leave you with Obama’s own words, Elections have consequences. No one is happy with the crude way that Trump speaks however we need to turn BOTH Political Parties direction to save our Country for our children..

    • splurker

      I have full faith of the short attention span of Americans as a whole and look for this idiot to be chased out the door within 2 years

  • yathink2011

    Sorry that you’re upset, but most of what you wrote is incorrect or fake news.

    • Edgewise

      No, he’s quite correct in virtually everything he says that happened. There’s plenty of video evidence out there for most of it. Care to address any specifics about what you think is incorrect or fake, and provide some proof to back it up?

      • yathink2011

        “They voted for someone who encouraged violence at this rallies.”

        The violence was bought and paid for by the DNC, and the Clinton’s. Proven fact.

        “mocked a disabled person”

        He didn’t mock a disabled person, but you get to think what you want.

        ‘advocated for a religious test to be in the country”

        Altered his view for a test to be in the country, but keep on hanging on to what you like.

        “attempted to undermine the legitimacy of the press”

        He didn’t attempt, he succeeded in proving the illegitimacy of the press, shown by their collusion with the DNC and the Clinton’s.

        “So are Trump voters uncaring, uninformed, naive? What? Sadly, many who voted for him thinking he would actually help them are in for many surprises.”

        The last one is opinion. There have been no surprises to me so far.

        “Trump’s win is barely legitimate, considering that the Russians manipulated the election process. ”

        The Russians didn’t do it, because if they did the “good guys” would have shown the proof by now and they can’t, because they don’t have proof. There aren’t 17 Intelligence Agencies that all agree it was definitely the Russians. Mostly it was a fish to John Podesta and the idiot typed in his password. That’s the illegitimate press talking.

        No one has come forward to deny the content of the hacked emails.

        “He certainly does not have a mandate to dismantle our democracy, something he seems inclined to do.”

        He does have a mandate, he is the next President of the United States. It comes with the job.

        “And just for the record, he lost the popular vote by a huge margin, regardless of his claims of imaginary voter fraud.”

        If you remove Los Angeles and New York City, Trump won the popular vote.

        The popular vote means squat. We use an Electoral College System to make each vote equal.

        If you think two large cities should pick the President, you should move there and hang with your buds.

        And the best part, Donald Trump is the next President of the United States of America, and there is no way to change that.

        Sorry about your luck.

        • Edgewise

          Well, I appreciate the specifics, and I’ll go through the list, but I see a distinct lack of proof for any of it.

          There was plenty of violence at trump rallies. I saw protesters getting punched in the face on video, and then there was the infamous early rally in which trump threw protesters out into the winter night without giving them their coats back during temps that could have caused people harm.

          You can claim that every punch thrown was paid for by the DNC, but the burden of proof is yours, for -every- instance.

          On mocking, there’s no denying that Trump mocked a disabled reporter. He did, there’s video. One can deny that he intended to mock the man’s disability or just the man himself, but he mocked a disabled person on video.

          He called to both expel all muslims and then to create a registry of all muslims. There’s some pretty clear religious test/profiling going on there. That he changed his mind on how far he wanted to go was an exercise more in feasibility than morality, so I’m not sure how this improves things.

          Attempting to undermine the press.

          He does this constantly. He lies and then calls the press liars for pointing out his lies. He threatens them, and during the campaign he generated such an air of hostility to the media that reporters started being escorted in with a security detail. His hatred of the press and attacks on them are extraordinarily visible.

          On trump voters being in for unpleasant surprises, you may not have experienced that, but I’ve read several interviews with people who have. People who are counting on being able to pay their medical bills who are facing a sudden loss of insurance/medical plan being one of the most common refrains. Given that the original comment was talking about “Many” of trump voters, not “All” of them, this still seems fairly accurate.

          On the Russian hacking, I have to say the jury’s still out. Not all of the information has been released to the public, so it’s hard to say the truth. We do have US intelligence agencies pointing the finger at the Russians, so we can’t discount it out of hand.

          There is no mandate to dismantle the government baked into the presidency. When he moves to do so, he is not acting with the wishes of the vast majority of the american public, so no, he does not have a mandate to do so in any traditional sense.

          As to the popular vote, he lost it by the largest margin of any president elect, ever. You don’t get to cherry pick and cut out cities or states. They’re still part of America. His claims of 3 million illegals is not only -completely- pulled out of thin air, but would barely tie up the score. See the difference there? New York and Los Angeles aren’t full of imaginary people, that’s the important distinction. He lost the popular vote, hard. Accept it.

          We also don’t use the electoral college to make ‘each vote equal’, it in fact does the opposite of that and makes 1 vote in a state with a small population equivalent to thousands of votes in a high population state. What the electoral college does is stop low population states from having a marginalized voice, but it does so by marginalizing the votes of many, many individuals.

          I think -people- should choose the president, regardless of where they live, but the US has made an art form of gerrymandering, so that’s not happening cleanly anytime soon.

          • yathink2011


          • Edgewise


          • yathink2011


          • Edgewise

            Enjoy your personal jibes. They just highlight how you failed to prove a single point you tried to make.

          • yathink2011

            Nor you.

          • Edgewise

            You were the one to claim it was fake news, thus the burden of proof is on you. Provide some, and I will debunk any lies or mistakes that I find.

          • poppypapa

            I’m trying to remember what Bill Clinton’s winning % of the popular vote was, but memory fails me..

            Perhaps you can help and remind us, and tell us how many millions did not vote for him as well, compared to how many did?

            And tell us whether Hillary got the majority of the popular vote.

          • Edgewise

            There’s a service for those kinds of facts, it’s called Google. Look it up yourself, it’ll take 10 seconds.

          • poppypapa

            Nice evasion try.

            You missed the point, but then you had to in order to avoid the inconvenient truth.

          • Edgewise

            No, I got the point. I just refuse to play those kind of silly power games. If you have a point to make, make it. Don’t try some childish tactic of making me state the numbers and then refuting them.

          • poppypapa

            “Silly power games?” Given to megalomania much? You just refuse to play on a field that isn’t tilted in your direction.

            The fact is that Mr. Hillary Clinton was elected President, as I recall, with 43% of the vote.

            In a related fact, the majority of voters in the recent election voted for someone other than Hillary.

            By the way…how many Trump rallies did you attend? And how much violence did you see at them?

          • Edgewise

            I have no delusions of grandeur or wealth, I just recognize obvious bait when I see it. Might want to research long words like megalomania before you try to use them.

            The other glaringly obvious fact to point out is that while Bill Clinton won with 43% of the vote, that was still the largest percentage of the popular vote of anyone running that year. Bill Clinton got 43%, Bush got 37.4%, Perot got 18.9%.

            Bill Clinton pulled in 5.8 million more votes in the popular vote than the runner up, whereas Trump is 2.9 million in the hole. Kind of a big and important distinction between then and now. The situations are so different I’m surprised you’d try to draw a comparison.

            And lastly, I only attended 1 trump rally, but I’ve seen evidence from lots of others, because this is the modern age and we have the magic of video to show us what happened in other places.

  • 101indianscout

    Mary Ann, if you are an American he IS your President. You don’t have to like him, but he will be America’s 45 President