Letter: Frank's column incorrect about Trump's success

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Halsey Frank states that those who voted for Trump aren’t “bigoted or ignorant” (Short Relief: “Trump won because he knew better”). I’m curious to know how he would characterize them. They voted for someone who encouraged violence at this rallies, denigrated a fallen soldier and his parents, mocked a disabled person, advocated for a religious test to be in the country, attempted to undermine the legitimacy of the press, demonstrated no knowledge of the Constitution, held few consistent policy positions and is a sexual predator by his own admission. I could go on.

So are Trump voters uncaring, uninformed, naive? What? Sadly, many who voted for him thinking he would actually help them are in for many surprises.

Trump’s win is barely legitimate, considering that the Russians manipulated the election process. He certainly does not have a mandate to dismantle our democracy, something he seems inclined to do.

Not my president. Ever. I intend to resist in any way I can. And just for the record, he lost the popular vote by a huge margin, regardless of his claims of imaginary voter fraud. The only fraud in this story is Trump.

Mary Ann Larson