Letter: Foster on why he's a candidate

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Maine is facing many crucial issues: overspending, budget deficits, rising debt, welfare abuse and waste, and the worst business climate in the country.

Jeff Toorish’s solution? Launch an unprovoked factually challenged attack against his candidate’s opponent. All this does is suggest a lack of confidence in his candidate’s ability or willingness to address these issues.

Others have already addressed his erroneous charges, but I will say that what he mistakes as radical or extreme are simply traditional American principles and actually honoring my oath to uphold and defend our constitutions, which I’ll admit may seem radical to Mr. Toorish.

I support welfare reform to curb waste and abuse; real fiscal reforms to lower the cost of government and taxes; improving education with school choice and charter schools; lowering health insurance costs by repealing unaffordable mandates, establishing health savings accounts and risk pools and allowing free market competitive pricing across state lines; and policies that attract and grow businesses and jobs.

I’ve already begun lowering costs and taxes by funding my campaign exclusively with private donations; no taxpayers were harmed in this effort.

As a member of the ecomaine board, to adapt to a sudden and unforeseen drop in revenue in 2008, we reduced expenditures $800,000, avoiding deficits or cost increases to member communities, and it’s time we do this in Augusta.

Voters in House District 109 have a choice; I offer a positive attitude, knowledge, experience and solutions to restore dignity and prosperity to Maine’s citizens and businesses.

Gary C. Foster