Letter: Foster in House District 109

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As we march toward the November election it is time to point out some differences between candidates for House District 109. I have watched the main two candidates and know the basic philosophy of both.

Gary Foster is a conservative Yankee. He has shown fiscal restraint strength in the various positions he has held in various public positions. I know he is a student of our great U.S. Constitution and believes in its creeds. He will serve us well in these tough financial times as the state tries to make up the $100 million deficit. He will make the tough choices to keep our taxes from rising and that is what most see as the issues in this election.

Gary’s opponent has not shown the same financial constraint and an example is her recent statement that we need to gain more families in the school district to obtain more state aid for education. Where on earth does she think the state gets its money from: outer space? More families mean more tax increases for the rest of us. Her typical liberal philosophy spells increased costs to taxpayers. Haven’t we had enough already?

Gary is pro-hunting while his opponent is ant- hunting and voted that way as a selectman.

The current legislative majority is what has gotten us into the fix Maine is in financially and we need many Gary Fosters in Augusta to stop the fiscal bleeding. I support Gary Foster.

George A. Fogg
North Yarmouth