Letter: Foster has necessary qualities

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I would like to set the record straight and counter some of the personal attacks in Jeff Toorish’s letter about Gary Foster.

Growing up in Gray, Foster gained experience as an independent businessman and is a well-known carpenter and subcontractor in the area. He owns a multi-tenant building for which he is paying a mortgage and pays property taxes. Also, the last time I checked, if you don’t have children that does not absolve you from paying the same taxes as residents with children. Mr. Toorish should do his homework more thoroughly before he lashes out publicly at anyone. (By the way, Cumberland is not part of Maine House District 109, as he incorrectly states in his letter.)

Gary Foster is a solid candidate for House District 109, which includes Gray, North Yarmouth and Pownal. He has a quiet strength that is supported by an impressive knowledge of our Constitution and the intent of government. He will make careful and considerate decisions based on solid principles, not by the latest polls or hearsay of the moment.

I am a businessman from North Yarmouth and I agree with Gary Foster that the last 35 years of Democratic control in Augusta have sapped the creative energy from Maine residents and caused a generation of our young people to leave the state in search of better opportunities. Please join me in support of Gary Foster on Nov. 2.

Turner Hansel
North Yarmouth