Letter: Former Yarmouth councilor backs Small

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As a former Yarmouth town councilor, I am thrilled to see so many candidates running for Town Council this year.

I would ask you to consider the many qualifications of candidate Peter Small. As president of Yarmouth Cares About Neighbors, it has been my pleasure to work with Peter on this board. He is a consensus builder, who listens with an open (and very sharp) mind. He has proved his dedication to Yarmouth with his work at YCAN, the Compassionate Housing Initiative, the Yarmouth Food Pantry and the steering committee for the Yarmouth Community Center. Peter’s strength is to ask the important question(s) and present a thorough analysis of the issue and its solution. He is very much a problem solver, eager to work with others to make it happen.

Leslie Hyde

  • Factshonesty

    I’ll vote for the candidate who’s brave enough to push 100% to end to concussion and brain damaging sports in our schools! If mommy and daddy want little Johnny to suffer permanent brain damage then do it on your own dime via private club teams and stop wasting education funds on football and other expensive sports.

    The sports teams arms race has gotten way out of hand. With AD’s being the 2nd highest paid postion in our schools, their admin. support, trainers, and the facilities always getting what they want while special education, modern languages and science labs get short changed! Over 22% of the population has a learning disability (unique learning style and every year special education is under attack! This needs to stop and we need to raise all students to achieve their maximum in society. We also know that bullying is highly correlated with sports teams. Those schools that made the right change by removing sports teams and restoring phys ed. for all, saw a virtual elimination of bullying!

    Yarmouth – eliminate sports teams in our school…..give it a try for 2 years and see what happens!