Letter: 'Flights of hyperbole' in Brunswick

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Oxford Aviation tout F. Lee Bailey uses soaring flights of hyperbole, enchanting all within earshot without the slightest bit of evidence, analysis or substantiation. Try these: “a tremendous opportunity for Brunswick, far beyond anything I had imagined;” and “further cement Brunswick as a global leader in the aviation world.” Bailey touts “contracts with aviation industry titans,” and avows that Oxford is “in discussions with Airbus.”

Some businesses succeed and grow because they provide products or services that didn’t previously exist. Not aircraft painting and related services. This is not an under-served market. It is pursued by a worldwide array of established companies. If anything, there may be overcapacity in the industry at this point.

Clearly, the only way for Oxford to fulfill Bailey’s soaring promises is to take business away from other well-established and entrenched providers. Airlines aren’t going to buy more airplanes or service them more frequently because Oxford moves into a hangar in a remote corner of the country.

Oxford’s proposal is irresponsible speculation with public resources, and it should be summarily refused until such time as a credible business plan is made public.

Pem Schaeffer