Letter: Fat cats come in all political stripes

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I can’t help but wonder, when Edgar Allen Beem is going on about the country club-rich fat-cat elite like Mitt Romney, if he takes the time to glance at the wealth of others that might share his version of things. Does he draw a distinction between fat-cat multi-millionaire John Kerry and country-clubber Mitt Romney? How about multi-millionairess Nancy Pelosi and rich elite George Bush? My guess is there is a huge difference, say, between a $30,000-a-plate dinner for President Obama and and a $30,000-a-plate dinner for Sarah Palin. I know one is for the little guy the other is for the evil rich elites, I get it. With a little click of a mouse one can find out who are all the millionaires in Congress. Lets see, who and what are they all invested in: big oil, big coal, big tobacco? Its all those companies that have their boots on our necks. If Beem is trying to make a distinction between who is elite and rich, and who is not, he might want to try Google.

Paul Marseglia