Letter: Farber for Falmouth Town Council

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We are writing to express our enthusiastic support for Karen Farber’s candidacy for Falmouth Town Council. We have known Karen for over 10 years and have always been impressed by her thoughtful approach to a wide variety of issues. 

While serving on the School Board, she was faced with several challenging and divisive decisions, including school consolidation and budget management during very difficult economic times. Throughout it all, she proved to be an independent thinker, always asking important questions and, importantly, keeping an open mind to all viewpoints.  

Her shift from pro-consolidation to voting against consolidation of the schools demonstrates her ability to consider all sources of information, not just those that confirm her beliefs. This type of thinking is both refreshing and critical in today’s political environment. Moreover, Karen pays careful attention to how our tax dollars are spent.

Amy & Dave Goldberg