Letter: Falmouth's 'Main Street' deserves a celebration

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On Saturday I had some free time while my tires were being repaired at Sullivan Tire, which will always be Haley’s to me.

I headed out the back door to Leavitt & Sons, where I enjoyed an edamame salad at a picnic table. I then walked along Route 1 and used the new pedestrian island to cross over. Cars stopped immediately. I pretended I was a truck and got in line at Key Bank, the only way to use the ATM. Then it was coffee at Starbucks, another safe crossing at Route 1, and back to Haley’s.

It was a pleasant hour in the village, the kind of pedestrian experience the Town Council envisioned and the voters approved. The street lamps are classy, the flags make me proud, and yes, there are too many signs. Unfortunately, they’re required by the Maine Department of Transportation.

So when’s the party to celebrate our “Main Street?”

Bonny Rodden

  • yathink2011

    What’s to celebrate? The difficulty exiting local businesses? The additional time it takes to get through the area? The increased traffic on other roads because people avoid the congestion? Or maybe the expenditure of 12.5 million dollars? It’s a business zone where people used to conduct business and then go home. Key words “used to”.

  • Chew H Bird

    I also drove though the area recently. Although I did not utilize the new pedestrian features, I noted the area was less efficient to navigate by automobile. The stretch of Route 1 in Falmouth, while appearing nicer since the makeover, does nothing for me as that strip of pavement was originally designed to be an efficient business oriented area suited to the vast majority of people who need a car to get to and from the retailers and businesses along the strip.