Letter: Falmouth workforce housing lacks sense

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Here’s another take on the issue of Falmouth’s workforce housing: Only the government would be considering building housing when the real estate-for-sale inventory is at an all-time high. Only a government would be considering adding more housing to a market while the price of housing is dropping.

The capital amount proposed for building the new housing would probably be better off spent subsidizing the employees’ salary and allowing each to simply find their own housing.

On the other hand, every person in the world balances the cost of housing with their salary and preferred lifestyle (daily commute time vs. floor space vs. location, etc.). Why Falmouth town employees should be thought to need assistance more than the employees of the bagel shop, Shaw’s, L.L. Bean or The Forecaster makes no logical sense.

Maine’s tradition of frugal common sense seems to be a thing of the past.

Jim Bailie