Letter: Falmouth voters should make bag-ban decision

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The light of freedom seems to have grown dimmer in Falmouth recently because of a proposed ban on plastic bags that we sometimes re-use to pack our lunches or carry donations to Goodwill. These practices seem to be destroying the planet and we must stop.

What concerns me is less to do with a ban but more with the mechanism of enforcement. I have a choice at the store. I can choose to receive paper or plastic bags or use my own “reusable” bag. I get to decide. The proposed ban removes that choice. Supporters shared that meetings, booths and displays have been used at events to encourage the use of reusable bags; however, there was little participation. Since we have not acted quickly enough, a ban would compel us to be aware. The message is getting out.

How many people used reusable bags five years ago? None. Now I see reusable bags in stores, at schools and the numbers seem to be growing. My household did not have reusable bags then, but now we use them regularly. However since Falmouth is not using reusable bags enough, we are being removed from the decision process.

That is how freedom falters. I would prefer encouraging the choice of reusable bags. If not, I hope a vote would be an option so I have a choice at the ballot box if not in the checkout line. Some refuse degrades slowly, very similar to how freedom is lost, a little at a time.

Craig Baranowski