Letter: Falmouth voters should decide on bag ban

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I object to banning plastic grocery shopping bags in Falmouth because:

• Reusable grocery shopping bags are not safe. Studies show that cross-contamination is a health risk.

• Most people are responsible with the environment, but there will always be some who aren’t. Punishing those who reuse bags is not going to change the environmental effect.

• Replacing plastic shopping bags with paper shopping bags increases volumes sent to the dump because they are more bulky.

• Plastic grocery bags are not “one-use bags.” We use them to pick up pet waste; transport trimmings from flowers and plants, newspapers, and other recyclables to the dump; line trash cans in the bathroom; transport items, etc.

• Banning “reusable grocery shopping bags” will increase the plastic bags we buy. It will not reduce the number of plastic bags at the dump.

• Banning plastic bags at stores with more than 10,000 square feet is not constitutional. Treating retail store “bagging” differently because of store size is discriminating. Suing Falmouth might be cheaper for businesses than changing their checkout structure and computer systems.

The Town Council will be shocked at the level of public reaction if they go forward. This issue should be voted on; let citizens decide if they want these restrictions. It is two-faced for a town that requires all citizens to use large plastic bags for their trash to eliminate the use of small plastic bags by retailers.

James L Solley

  • Stopfoodtax smith

    You can even still use the banned bag. You just buy it by the box. The store can also sell you a thicker plastic or paper bag. No one even takes into account the washing of the reusable bag. Making it the bag with the biggest footprint. All this for something that doesn’t even pick up litter.

  • Thisiscrazy

    This whole thing is a crock. First and foremost, every bag issued at ANY store is already paid for by the consumer. The fees are adjusted into the prices of everything in the store. So they are not free. Secondly, how can you possibly demand that trash can only be discarded in special plastic bags, yet you want to ban other plastic bags. What a joke. Not to mention, we are already paying to dispose of them, just as we do with anything else we no longer want. I realize people thinks this “feels good” and anyone who is against it is a caveman, but come on. At some point, people have to wake up and smell the hypocrisy. Ban this one but mandate you purchase the other on. Seems like a simple money grab to me.