Letter: Falmouth trend threatens community

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Is Falmouth’s community becoming extinct? After attending the budget hearing I truly believe so. There were only a handful participating.

The town is now broken into several subset communities and one of the largest is the school community. This community largely made up of short-term families that have moved here because of the schools. It is these visionaries that have pushed the school budget to the point where it represents 73 percent of our property tax bill. Build it and they will come, and that is exactly what is happening.

One major problem: the landscape of Falmouth has changed from no more farms, multiple generations of families or residents that move here to call Falmouth home for 30-50 years. This has placed a major strain on what is left of a community. Hearing comments like “loudly and proudly” and“fantastic bang for our buck” indicates to me, yes, you are the recipient of hard work and loyalty of the long-term businesses and residents that have made Falmouth their home, especially if you have four children in the school system and plan to move out of town upon graduation day.

The trend started last year with a 5 percent increase and now a double-digit increase; what will next year bring? I strongly urge everyone to get this budget in line and live within the means of the natural growth of the town. Without long-term businesses and residents paying for these luxuries, there is no sustainability and no community.

John P. Winslow