Letter: Falmouth stifles 'unpleasant truths'

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There’s a reason Maine has a Freedom of Access law. It is a means for people in Maine to shine a light on what government does when we are too busy living our own lives to be in the offices looking over the shoulders of those we trust with our tax dollars. Beth Franklin, chairwoman of the Falmouth School Board, recently stopped me from asserting that:

1 – The town overpaid $107,000 for electricity in one 18-month period.

2 – The town overpaid nearly $80,000 for heating oil last season.

3 – The town purchased field lights for $53,000 six years ago and recently sold them for $9,000 to Poland Regional High School.

4 – The town spent $6,750.50 in legal fees to impede my obtaining these facts in just two months.

When we are stopped from pointing out mismanagement, are falsely charged with making derogatory remarks to stifle disclosure of this massive and appalling waste of money, and it is done under the force of a police order it jeopardizes all of our freedoms. Ms. Franklin, stop censuring unpleasant truths and step up and do what you were elected to do and exercise financial restraint and control over the staff. In the non-government world this level of over spending results in the loss of employment.

Michael Doyle

Editor of The Forecaster; prior reporting/editing gigs at Automotive Age magazine, Daily News of Los Angeles, Biddeford Journal Tribune; Syracuse U. Orange-bleeder; lifelong NY Yankees fan, longtime resident of Red Sox Nation.