Letter: Falmouth should sell Lunt, Plummer

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I feel very strongly that Falmouth Memorial Library should remain at Lunt Road. I was one of several citizens who worked long and hard to raise funds for the renovation and expansion of the library. Its wide use speaks well to both the facility itself and to the staff. I realize that some expansion is needed and I support this project. I think that pushing out the walls where needed is the best way to go and not adding a second story. I realize additional parking may be needed, if sharing parking with the American Legion is not an answer, I think the purchase of land from a neighbor, is a possibility. I am sure this would cost less that the $1 million to $2 million estimated to make the Lunt school into a library.

I think the Town Council is to be commended for its decision to retain Town Hall at its current location. I would support the town maintaining ownership of the Motz School. The Recreation Department will make good use of the school and the Mason Gym.

It is my feeling that the Lunt and Plummer Schools should be sold. The private sector can spend the money necessary to renovate these buildings. It will save the taxpayers money and avoid a lengthy battle over the use of these buildings. Hopefully, one use might be to provide much needed housing. Again, I think this should be a matter for private enterprise.

Ted Vail