Letter: Falmouth should adopt development moratorium

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I would like to thank the Falmouth Town Council for considering a retroactive moratorium related to zoning density changes.

I understand that developers feel that a change mid-stream is unfair and that it could have financial implications for them, but what about the citizens and taxpayers of Falmouth? Why should we be left to live with the council’s admitted “unintended consequences” to the zoning changes in Falmouth? We are not asking the developers to not build, we just want something that fits in, something that will be aesthetically pleasing and safe for our neighborhoods.

The density of the proposed development on the west side of town will create too much additional traffic, will be out of character with the rest of the area and it does not, nor will it ever have access to public sewer. The town made a mistake when it changed the zoning density on that side of town. Building lots should have to provide the space necessary for their own septic system if there is no sewer; cluster systems should not be allowed. We can’t afford for this proposed system to fail. There is no public sewer to bail them out and this system will sit feet from the Presumpscot River.

The council needs to do what is right and fair for the majority, for their constituents, and put all development on the same playing field.

Whitney Bradford