Letter: Falmouth school budget bungle

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The supposed “decrease” in the Falmouth School Budget needs serious examination. To show a “savings,” reference is made to last year’s budget, not actual expenditures. They were about $800,000 less than budgeted. A fair comparison is to what was actually spent, not proposed.

If you look under the hood, this proposed budget looks unfair, unsustainable and unwise to accept. And we voters do still have the chance to vote on this budget, through a process called a Budget Validation Referendum. Now, this BVR process itself can be eliminated by vote in June. Don’t let it be defeated. Vote to maintain the BVR, regardless of whether you vote to accept or reject the budget.

A new revenue item of $100,000 for athletic participation was proposed March 1. That increased to $150,000 in the next proposal. Is that a sustainable line item? Will it be $250,000 next year?

A retiring secretary at the Middle School won’t be replaced. After 30-plus years, it wasn’t a necessary position? What happens next year? Cut another secretary?

A savings of $40,000 from wood chip heat is expected. Will global warming keep growing that savings?

Cuts are “around the edges,” and stimulus dollars are going away. The benefits for and the number of teachers needs your attention.

Bill Gardiner