Letter: Falmouth roads a source of displeasure

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I live in West Falmouth and have a real concern about the town’s priorities. Our roads are horrible. When I drive to my office on Route 1 it’s like driving on an obstacle course, dodging ruts, potholes and massive puddles.

I’m not sure why the town feels that spending money on Clapboard Island has priority over the safety of our residents? How many residents will actually ever go to Clapboard Island? Everyone drives on our roads.

I’m a Realtor, I’m constantly having discussions with clients about the road conditions. They’re willing to buy homes here, and pay the taxes, however they’re concerned about the conditions when driving around town. They ask “if the town is so great, why are the roads in such bad shape?”

It’s expensive to have your shocks, tires, and other parts supporting your vehicle repaired when they are due. Regular maintenance is one thing, however undue wear and tear is another.

I’ve seen logging roads in better condition in the backwoods of Maine than what we drive on everyday here in Falmouth. There’s no reason our roads in town should be in the condition they are.

I have a vehicle that is enjoyable to drive. When I drive here in town I feel like I  am going four-wheeling in an Army Jeep.

Please get your priorities straight. The safety of our residents should be the No. 1 priority.

David Jones