Letter: Falmouth Question 1 is about community

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My husband grew up in Falmouth, and our family decided to return here with our family because it is a wonderful community. We love the idea of having a central place to congregate with our friends and neighbors. We understand that the logistics of finding space for local programming have become more and more complicated. Falmouth would benefit immeasurably with a community center meeting the needs of all age groups: seniors, adults, teens, youth and toddlers.

I support keeping the Lunt/Plummer-Motz buildings in civic use. The proposal to create a community center and relocated Falmouth Memorial Library by redeveloping existing buildings will preserve part of the town’s history while creating a gathering space for residents. Benefits include more interaction between age groups, exposure to new activities, an opportunity to get to know other people in town, heightened sense of community awareness, and improved health and wellness.

Unfortunately, Community Programs could not just move into Motz if the referendum fails. If the referendum fails, the entire Lunt/Plummer-Motz property may be sold to a developer for a private project. Any plan for a community center there will more than likely be gone. Even opponents of Question 1 acknowledge that Motz, with its gym and commercial kitchen, is the perfect place for a much-needed community center. Please consider voting yes on Question 1; it’s a vote for community.

Mary McCrann