Letter: Falmouth Question 1 costs aren't realistic

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If you want a Falmouth Community Center immediately then vote no on Question 1. Matter of fact, if the question was only about the Community Center, we wouldn’t need a referendum. The town has allocated $900,000 to bring the building up to code. We could start programs there immediately.

Moving the library to Lunt (for $3 million) is the real issue. The entire project ($5.65 million) is portrayed as “net zero” to the taxpayer by selling the library for $1.2 million, school land for $2 million, the fire barn for $150,000 (oops – it sold for $127,000) and raising $1.2 million plus using $1.5 million of taxpayers’ money from the Rainy Day Fund. These are unrealistic sale prices.

The Town Council has given the project 4.5 years (2015) to obtain the full $5.65 million and if it doesn’t, the project will not move forward. The schools are left vacant and the buildings held hostage by a tenuous project for years.

Have we forgotten that we are near completion of a $46 million elementary school with a 4,500-square-foot state-of-the-art library and 1,300-square-foot computer lab – space explicitly for community use? Starting payment for the new school is reflected in our 2011-2012 budget. Why doesn’t the Yes on 1 crowd even mention this building?

Vote no on Question 1.

Rowan Morse