Letter: Falmouth Plummer plan puzzles

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The Falmouth Town Council proposal to retain, rehab, and rent the Plummer school is a loser. And we Falmouth taxpayers were warned. Warned costs exceed revenue for 10 years plus. Warned by Town Manager Nathan Poore.

He said, “Regarding the Plummer building, the council has more to think about regarding the costs to bring that building up to a leasable condition. The numbers show that a return on the investment is not reachable within 10 years and have a net cost of $600,000 in 10 years.” He added that minor Plummer costs could still exist anyway, if Motz is kept.

Rehabbing Plummer into office space is a money-loser. Your money. But, the council is planning a referendum including this negative return real estate project. It loses money. Why suggest it? I am baffled.

I am also baffled that council members dismiss facts revealed by Falmouth Citizens for Sound Choices regarding the multi-million dollar library move. Apparently threatened by the library representatives, to either A) get a new library or B) refuse to fund-raise to expand the existing library, the council caved and rejected a comprehensive construction study to expand the library. “Our way or no way” is the mature message to Falmouth taxpayers from your library board. Really mature.

Recap: Town manager confirms Plummer a losing investment. Library trustees say “We’re moving or we won’t raise a dime to expand on site.” Future candidates for Town Council, state your position. You will be asked.

Bill Gardiner