Letter: Falmouth plan will devalue land

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The Lowell family has had a long history of owning land in Falmouth and the surrounding communities, land that has been passed from generation to generation. Along the way the family has worked with state and local towns to ensure much of their land could be enjoyed by the community and future generations.

After owning a parcel of land in Falmouth for hundreds of years and paying taxes all these years, with the knowledge that the land had a usable value, the family now learns that a few well-meaning town leaders in Falmouth are trying to force a change in the town’s code to make this family’s land basically useless. A new vernal pool ordinance would eliminate 40 acres of land surrounding any vernal pools, which would make this parcel of land useless for a family that has provided the community with so much over the years.

Saving land for future generations is something the Lowell family has shown to be important, however by implementing a so-called protection plan for vernal pools, which is unfounded by any scientific research or recommendations, is not the way to go. This will only hurt good Maine families and future and current tax revenue for the town. After all, nobody is going to pay the full tax rate on useless land and a town wide re-evaluation will be necessary to devalue the 50 percent of the town’s land that would now be considered virtually worthless.

Jim and Pam Lowell