Letter: Falmouth needs Richard

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I have often wondered why anyone would chose to be a part of our political landscape with its eternal posturing and blustering, its two steps forward, one step back dances and its total lack of ability to line dance. Just about the time these thoughts arrive in my head I seem to meet a new person to the political scene and my soul is once again awakened to the joys of challenge and recognition of intent of a human spirit who wants to create a better world for all. And that better world begins in our own community.

Mark Richard is a candidate for state representative from Falmouth. He is someone you should meet. He is sincere, he listens to people, he works hard achieving a win-win in problem solving and whatever he attempts to accomplish he goes the distance. Mark is a very successful small business owner who has the capacity to rally people around him. He is able to achieve goals because he earns people’s trust. He respects people and people gravitate toward him for advice and counsel. He would probably be a wonderful line dancer and everyone else on the floor with him would be also.

Take Mark Richard’s campaign seriously. We need him to represent us. He will work hard for us and he will listen to us. He will be a fine advocate.

Anne Theriault