Letter: Falmouth must protect water views

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I would like to respond to your article several weeks ago about Falmouth proposing to change/eliminate ordinance 8.3(e), the “view” ordinance. The article told Councilor Chris Orestis’ story of how he moved to a house in the Town Landing area, only to have the Zoning Board deny his request to expand. His neighbors complained he would spoil their water views and the ordinance supported the neighbors. Why did Orestis move? Perhaps his property had a view and he wanted to improve it. What about the neighbors behind him? Did they also move there for a view? What would give him the right to spoil the view of others? Councilor Will Armitage said that this ordinance “pits neighbor against neighbor.” But having no ordinance also “pits neighbor against neighbor.”

My story happened before 8.3(e) was put into place. My parents had a nice water view from 3 Sandy Cove Road since 1947. In 2000, a Massachusetts real estate developer bought the house in front of them and added a 34-foot tower. There was no ordinance at that time; my parents didn’t have a chance. The view was shared by at least five other houses. All of us lost. The developer only lived there in the summer, and after two years of the neighbors not talking to him, he sold the house and moved. Our neighborhood was stuck with the tower. The town failed my family. If the Zoning Board had 8.3(e), my parents would have had their final years enjoying their water views.

Mary Feigenbaum