Letter: Falmouth library overcrowding a fact of life

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My family adores the Falmouth Memorial Library. That is why I support its relocation.

During the past several years, it has become clear that the children/young adult area is far insufficient for the number of children that it serves. My family has even chosen to leave the library a few times because overcrowding has made our experience overwhelming and unpleasant. Story Time has lost its appeal because of overcrowding, and I jockey for one of three normal-sized seats if I want to sit and read to my children.

As my kids outgrow picture books, the library offers even fewer titles, and no reading or project space. Programming is almost nonexistent. And with only two chairs, kids are usually sitting on the floor. Recently, I tried unsuccessfully to get “Little Women.” The apologetic explanation I received was that even some beloved classics have been pushed out because of limited shelf space. How will our children learn about important literature if these books aren’t visible? Is this really the best Falmouth can do?

The congestion is certainly not limited to the children’s area. Most people probably don’t even notice that a meeting room has been permanently taken over as necessary staff workspace, or that the tens of thousands of interlibrary loan items that are requested each year swamp the circulation area. The staff show a good face, but our library is under great strain. Please join me in supporting the library board’s unanimous decision to move, and vote yes on Question 1.

Rose Splint