Letter: Falmouth library is a financial 'folly'

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When are Falmouth and its symbiotic affiliates, such as the Falmouth Memorial Library, going to stop squeezing its taxpayers for ever-increasing dollars? Several years ago, the library convinced voters to approve a bond, with concomitant funds from independent donors, for library expansion. The library, only through a generous, anonymous matching gift, succeeded at the very last minute in meeting its goal.

Now, the library says it needs another $1 million to complete the project. Its board president asserts that the “best solution” is for taxpayers to authorize greater borrowing. Really? What are the alternatives the trustees considered? Using available, donated funds to remedy certain “deficiencies” in the current physical plant? Scaling back expansion plans to meet the original budget? Asking trustees to contribute to erasing the shortfall caused by their folly?

Falmouth is just a town of 11,000 or so residents. Its library is searching for relevance in an era when many Maine towns are losing their libraries. Taxpayers do not need to be supporting ukulele groups or other nonsensical programming. People who wish to participate in such activities can find a multitude of opportunities on social media (or, even, gasp, some newspapers). The town has first-rate schools with libraries to serve its students. The town has a department to promote leisure activities for residents. The town has an abundance of public meeting space. The town does not need a library that will bleed its taxpayers dry.

John F. Edwards