Letter: Falmouth intersection needs a traffic light

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I live on Woodville Road near the Falmouth schools. For the past 30 years I’ve had to leave for work at the same time as traffic gets busy on this road. I try to leave early every day so I won’t have to fight through the gridlock in front of my driveway. I believe some of this could be avoided by parents actually putting their children on the bus rather than carting them to school themselves.

Once I fight my way out of my driveway, then I have to fight to take a left onto Falmouth Road. Sometimes it takes me close to 10 minutes to get from my house near the schools to finally getting onto Falmouth Road. I can’t be the only Woodville Road resident who is extremely tired of this. No one should have to start their workday in such a frustrating manner.

When will the town of Falmouth realize that we need a permanent traffic light at the intersection of Woodville and Falmouth roads? Not just for the safety of car drivers, but for the safety of the school bus drivers, as well. I find it hard to believe, with all the work being done on Route 1, that the town cannot afford one simple traffic signal. The irony of this will be that no light gets installed until the day after I retire.

Dollie Chase