Letter: Falmouth intersection an accident waiting to happen

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The corner of Woodville and Falmouth roads at 7:30 each morning is about as much stress and risk as one should handle each day. Having moved to Falmouth a few months ago, I still can’t say that I have “gotten used to” trying to navigate this perennially dangerous intersection each morning after I drop my son off at school. I am incredulous that this intersection at this time of the day is not acknowledged by police, and town and school officials, as dangerous – as an accident or, God forbid, tragedy in the making.

Though it is fortunate that there are buses to drive the bulk of our students to school, there will also always be those of us who drive our children, for a variety of reasons. Waiting up to eight minutes just to make a left turn from Woodville Road onto Falmouth Road – and only then at the mercy of a kind soul may let you in – is not safe or sustainable. I described entering the intersection to another parent who also drops off as “going off of a diving board and not knowing the depth of the water” each and every day. She agreed, and added also that it’s not always easy to see whether the oncoming driver is, in fact, letting you out. So, you hold your breath, try to be as safe as possible, and hit the gas. This scenario, coupled with distracted drivers, new drivers, and hurried drivers, is not safe. Falmouth officials, what can be done before tragedy happens?

Whitney Ball