Letter: Falmouth ignores land owners

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For many of us a dictionary or interpreter is needed to translate Falmouth’s 84-page resource conservation report into something we can all understand. What is the clear evidence that these animals are in danger of significant loss of habitat in Falmouth? Preserving nature is indeed important, and there are responsible methods of doing so.

However, preventing a land owner from using 50 percent or more of his or her land for his or her own self-preservation and that of heirs is unfair. Land owners who have bought land, paying for all of it, not just 50 percent, did so for a purpose. They have paid taxes on their property to ensure their rights as property owners. To change the rules to this extent is unfair. Zoning is normal. This is extreme. Resource Conservation Zoning seems over the top and these additions even worse. These new restrictions need to be stopped.

Perhaps the town could convert some of the land already donated to, purchased or simply taken by the town and use it for the preservation of salamanders and frogs in one large “significant” vernal pool. (By the way, a vernal pool is nothing more than a large and temporary puddle – often a mosquito breeding ground.)

Richard O’Leary