Letter: Falmouth folks are first-rate

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As I was getting my sailboat home from the East End Beach on Route 1, we had just gotten to Falmouth when I felt a little jolting and slight vibrating. My precious boat was swinging sideways, creating a right angle with my truck. It then broke free from the truck completely and passed us, while continuing to swing around to face south, but going north.

Needless to say, the trailer and boat slid across the road and the trailer hit a raised median strip, which stopped the trailer short but launched my boat and sent it crashing into the other lane. I want to express the thankfulness to the wonderful neighbors I have. By the time I crossed the street there were three couples at my side; one had already called the police, the other two  were devising a plan to clean up the mess. Tools were brought over, there was a come-along to jack the sailboat back on my busted trailer, and the police officer making sure traffic was running smoothly (and helping with the boat, which I am almost sure isn’t in his job description). In a matter of under an hour we had the boat on the trailer, the trailer attached to my truck, and the police officer escorting me home (which was about a half a mile from my house).

It is heart-warming to see that Americans are still warm and the core basis of public safety is still framed around help and protection. Thank you.

Aaron Splint