Letter: Falmouth doesn't need a Route 1 'village'

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Nearly ex-Councilor Bonny Rodden wants to spend $11.5 million to pretend Falmouth is a “village.” A “village” cannot be created; it evolves. Staple’s in a clapboard outer is not creating part of a village. Even if some extra businesses come into Falmouth, sneaking past the censors, think about:

1 — Less parking. Ever tried to park near Staples when Curves is in full swing or at Shaw’s on a Friday? Fear not, you’ll be able to pull up near your favorite tea room.

2 — Narrowing the busy road. This, often tried worldwide, doesn’t calm traffic, it annoys it. “Calmed” traffic is like water finding its level; it takes another route. The under-utilized “rat runs” (from Walmart to Bucknam Road, and from Shaw’s to McDonald’s) will be bumper to bumper.

3 — A tree-lined median. Yet more trees adding two more snow banks in the road, but very attractive to look at from your “village” tea room.

4 — A “village” won’t get shoppers out of their cars to stroll around. And watch out for cyclists?

A “village” is not progress. Anchor stores will not come as tree-huggers won’t allow realistic footprints or buildings higher than a nearby tree. Will a hotel wait until they grow? Understand how economic development really works. This plan has pretended to listen to residents and it isn’t vote-worthy and will be detrimental to all our lives and pockets before it is corrected at way more cost. Get a few real experts on the job and give them a cup of tea.

Adrian Fox