Letter: Falmouth didn't elect Doyle

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I have followed the story of Michael Doyle’s campaign against Falmouth Councilors Cathy Breen and Bonny Rodden for several months. He became interesting when he boasted of his “considerable skill set and intellect” that would focus on Ms. Rodden’s failings as a councilor. He became somewhat spooky when he said, in a deniably threatening way, that his actions might affect Ms. Rodden’s family. Mr. Doyle finally brought his hammer down: Ms. Rodden voted like Anne Goggin. More damning: her idea of “many” did not agree with his.

That was it. Mr. Doyle’s intellect reaches as far as the concept of “many,” and his skill set includes the ability to compare voting records. On these bases, Mr. Doyle concluded that Ms. Rodden is not qualified to serve on Town Council.

It’s fair for anyone to criticize an elected official, but Mr. Doyle forgets one point: Ms. Rodden was elected. Whatever is the extent of Mr. Doyle’s skill and intellect, he cannot claim that qualification, and he cannot take it away from Ms. Rodden.

Joe O’Donnell