Letter: Falmouth deserves a facilities vote

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When you go to vote on Nov. 2 in Falmouth, there will be no question pertaining to the fate of the Falmouth Memorial Library, Falmouth Community Programs or the use of the historic Lunt and Plummer Motz buildings and open space. That is because, in August, our Town Council rejected the Community Facilities Planning Committee’s recommendation to invest in these programs, and move them to the Lunt and Plummer Motz site. Instead, the council is now pursuing a lengthy consensus-building process. In reading their process draft, I learned that they are likely going to vote on these civic issues at council meetings this month and next.

For two years our town requested our input and many citizens claimed they were unaware. Are key decisions about these civic spaces being made now without your input? Don’t remain unaware. Get involved, stay informed. I personally feel that it is not fiscally responsible to sell our town assets (the Lunt-Plummer Motz campus). It is forward-thinking to preserve and reuse our buildings and invest in our local library, open spaces and community programs. Please join me in asking our officials to allow us to vote in June on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You might have to send a lot of letters or attend a lot of meetings now to do so, but if you want the right to vote, you can’t just sit and watch.

Amy Winton