Letter: Falmouth decision sends chilling message

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I have been avoiding driving past the Lunt and Plummer-Motz schools ever since the community center project was voted down because I am so filled with grief. The town’s decision to reject the proposal marked the moment when I can no longer feel that Falmouth is my home.

I was a student at both schools during my childhood, and my memories of my experiences there are all wonderful. For me, those places evoke joy and inspiration. I was elated by the idea that I might have another opportunity to return to those hallowed grounds, where I could go to read, write, socialize, and volunteer.

Instead, the reality is that the majority of my neighbors do not value community. Many do not agree that the benefits of such a community space to children, parents, caregivers, and the elderly would have been priceless. The possibility that the project might gain approval was extremely exciting to me, but my dreams have been crushed.

Falmouth has been my home for 18 years. I am a recent college graduate trying to begin shaping my future as a U.S. citizen. Falmouth, apparently, is not a place where I have a future.

I can’t understand the opposition to the proposal, but it seems many of you thought it would be wasteful. I believe that what is truly a waste is to demolish our past instead of building on it. We may have saved money, but we have lost a little bit of everything that is truly valuable.

Leah Flumerfelt