Letter: Falmouth critic's methods are harmful

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In recent months, The Forecaster printed several “paid political advertisements” from one Falmouth resident. These ads present a hodge-podge of statements littered with partial truths. For example, a recent ad suggested that the taxpayers of Falmouth are not represented during contract negotiations with the teachers union. As a property taxpayer and a member of the School Board, I am amused by this particular characterization, as I presume are all board members. Perhaps the true intent of this statement is that Michael Doyle does not believe his views are represented by the negotiating team.

I disagree with Mr. Doyle’s low opinion of our educational system and his philosophy of “spend no money and fire the teachers.” I am disappointed by his repeated and invasive attempts to uncover budgetary mismanagement within the school district and for his outspoken disdain for our teachers and administrators. His efforts to deluge the district with information requests in the hopes that he can find a kernel of inefficiency have cost the district much more than any savings he might ever identify.

The public should be encouraged to participate in the budgetary development process and communicate to the board when there are concerns. However, planting seeds of disinformation based on a skewed presentation of facts and a blatant disregard for the details is counterproductive for all involved.

Andrew Kinley