Letter: Falmouth church prepares for future

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On behalf of the Episcopal Church of St. Mary the Virgin, I wish to thank The Forecaster for its coverage of the church’s renovation plans in the Dec. 15 edition.

We would like to take the opportunity to provide an important correction: The work will increase the Parish House space by 1,300 square feet, not 4,000 square feet. The work involves demolition of one wing that is deteriorating due to rot; construction of a new wing, and renovation of the remaining existing building. We also will upgrade energy efficiency in all of the buildings, and improve parking safety, lighting and landscaping.

We are very excited to be undertaking this project, both to correct the issues with rot and to ensure that renovations to existing classroom and gathering spaces will meet 21st century standards.

St. Mary’s seeks to reach out to serve and welcome the community at large. In recent years, this calling has inspired us to offer twice-monthly free community suppers, receive the community on Memorial Day, offer free movies monthly, and regularly host Scout groups, 12-step programs, artistic and scholastic organizations and others. It is our hope and intent that this building project will allow us to provide safe, healthy and sustainable spaces in which to offer such services for generations to come.

Hugh Smith, senior warden
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church