Letter: Falmouth can’t trust its Town Council

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The credibility of the Falmouth Town Council needs careful examination. We have watched our neighbors’ vain attempts to bring reason to the council’s decision-making process. The latest issue concerns “contract zoning.” Councilors clearly favor their own opinions over those of Falmouth citizens. The development of the plan to improve Route 100 was led by Andrea Ferranti, now a Falmouth councilor. Little did we know that her personal plans included using those Route 100 improvements for personal gain. Andrea Ferranti and David Chase are partnering to obtain a permit for a 151-unit development on a 34-acre parcel on Gray Road at Mountain Road.

Ferranti has recused herself from voting on the approval question, which she must do by state law. She has, however, positioned herself to take full advantage of the Route 100 improvement package that she and her committee provided to the Town Council. That package included town sewers and road improvements to help her project, as well as land use recommendations that encourage the high-density development she is proposing. Because we did not know about her and Chase’s plans before we voted for the Route 100 improvement, we saw it as a benefit to the town. Now we see who will really benefit. It is hard to believe that Ferranti is allowed to remain on the council and Long-Range Planning Committee. How can we trust a council that spends $15 million of the taxpayer’s money so that the Chase-Ferranti partnership can make an even higher figure?

Leland Hanchett