Letter: Falmouth candidate's opinion raises question

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During my six years on the Falmouth Town Council, the generally civil, respectful tone among all councilors, even those who disagreed with each other on hot topics, impressed me.  All Falmouth taxpayers deserve and expect a certain level of decorum from their representatives.  That’s why I was alarmed when I read Town Council candidate Bryan Dench’s March 4, 2010, anti-gay marriage letter to The Portland Press Herald.

He said “not long ago homosexual behavior was defined as abnormal and deviant.” He accused equal rights advocates of lying.  He said “this has been a long process of indoctrinating people, especially children, to believe that homosexual behaviors are ‘normal,’ and ‘just as good’ as normal heterosexual relations.” 

Dench’s letter is one of the meanest, most disparaging things I’ve ever read. Is that what Falmouth wants in Town Hall?

Cathy Breen