Letter: Falmouth candidate explains guilty plea

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Thank you for the Town Council verifying what we all knew already, I’m qualified to be a candidate for School Board.

My lawyer, David Van Dyke, failed to disclose his relationship with Peter DeTroy, to get me to plead guilty a second time to a charge that I would unlikely commit. Then the Fee Arbitration Panel reduced Van Dyke’s fee by almost $13,000. I pleaded guilty so I wouldn’t have to spend 2 1/2 years away from my 10-year-old son. Van Dyke failed to disclose that he was being sued for malpractice and his defense lawyer was DeTroy, my business lawyer, who was going to testify against me. For Van Dyke to defend me he would have to cross-examine his own defense lawyer, DeTroy.

All the advice that led me to plead guilty to the unlicensed sale of a security, sale of an unregistered security, and misrepresentation came directly from my business lawyers. I lost over $100,000.

For those of you that have intellectual curiosity you can read the details at www.lyinglawyers.com. Then ask this one question, why has this site been up since 2002 if it is in any way false? Google Peter DeTroy. If he could successfully sue to get www.lyinglawyers.com off his page wouldn’t he have done it?

Michael Doyle