Letter: Falmouth board needs Miller

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My wife, Marna Miller, is running for Falmouth School Board, and I cannot imagine a better candidate. Marna combines a background in higher education with a strong spirit for volunteerism and the enthusiasm of a parent with kids currently in the Falmouth schools.

Marna is a creative thinker who understands that closed doors are usually not locked. Many times, she has transformed problems into opportunities. When she began to feel isolated as a stay-at-home parent of very young children, she started the Falmouth Family Network, an organization dedicated to fostering community. In her years running the FFN, before she resumed her career as a book editor, Marna led free activities, maintained a calendar of events, and established a communication network. She also organized a summer playtime series for entering kindergarteners to help familiarize them with future classmates and the school setting, thus easing the transition into “big kid school.” Out of Marna’s desire for community came a resource for the entire community.

The Falmouth schools are facing extraordinary budgetary constraints. Marna is a smart, focused woman who carefully teases out new perspectives before arriving at conclusions. We need innovative thinkers who are committed to preserving high-quality education with shrinking dollars. Let’s vote Marna Miller for Falmouth School Board on June 8.

Chase Boyd