Letter: Facts don't support Falmouth Question 1

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Please consider these issues regarding Question 1 on Falmouth’s ballot:

Net zero? Spending $1.5 million from the rainy day fund? These are excess tax dollars that got there because we over-taxed our taxpayers so in the case of an emergency, we’d have funds to keep town government going, meeting payroll and other emergency expenses – not paying for the library move. This in my opinion is not net zero.

The need for a Town Center that builds “community” has been bantered around for many years. While I don’t agree, if we ever had an opportunity to have a Town Center, it is on Route 1. So why would we fragment this opportunity by moving the library away from Route 1?

Although the Town Council decided to bundle two questions into one, voting no on Question 1 does not mean that there will be no recreation/senior center at Motz School. In fact, the council could move swiftly on this single issue.

Question 1 presents an enormous financial risk for Falmouth. It is, a game of chance and not sound fiscal policy now and in the future. These buildings should be sold (less Motz) and the proceeds put into the rainy day fund to help reduce our taxes, which are already out of control.

Vote on June 14 for the candidates that think like you and I. Get to know the facts around this issue. Once you do, the answer is clear, vote no on Question 1.

Dave Libby