Letter: Everyone wins when health care is accessible

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Regarding John Balentine’s opinion that health care is not a right, I am unable to afford health insurance so I have decided to wear a Medical ID bracelet that states “Wearer does NOT have health insurance.” That way, if a drunk driver injures me in an auto accident the EMTs will know to just leave me by the side of the road. Of course Medcu and the Police are now “out-of-pocket” just because they showed up so, they should bill me for services rendered.

Yes, I am being facetious. But think about this, society financially benefits in numerous ways when everybody has access to health care that covers emergency, acute, chronic and preventative care.

Stephen Perazone

  • yathink2011

    Everyone has access now, it’s called Obamacare. You should sign up. And if you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor. And we’re all benefitting financially wouldn’t you agree?

  • Chew H Bird

    Obamacare has priced many people out of the market and reduced the ability of the middle class to properly raise their families. While Obamacare is a blessing for those most needy and least able to help themselves, and fact that many more people now have health insurance, it is unsustainable without either complete revision or replacement.