Letter: Enforce the law of litter

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Look around. Are the streets, sidewalks, paths, parks and beaches litter and trash free? Doesn’t this reflect poorly on the community and yourselves?

The No. 1 offenders are cigarette smokers. No matter where you go, you’ll find cigarette butts. Not only are these unsightly, but still-smoldering ones could possible cause a filed or forest fire, too. Why? No enforcement, no criticism and no ethics.

The others? Who tosses our drive-through fast-food bags, fountain drink containers, paper coffee cups, plastic and glass bottles, candy wrappers, soda cans, etc? How about empty beer cans, wine and liquor bottles? Why? No enforcement, no ethics and no guilt.

Any benefit? Well, those redeemable containers help some. Community and gas station trash containers help, but only if they are properly emptied.

There are those commendable individuals and groups that make an effort to clean out the litter and trash. But why not the whole community?

Enforce the litter laws. We can be litter- and trash-free. Shouldn’t that be everyone’s goal every day?

Chet Twarog