Letter: End the bigotry over marriage

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Edgar Allen Beem’s commentary, “Marriage is a gay inevitability,” leads me to wonder: had Barack Obama been denied the presidency based solely on his skin color or on the fact that he was the product of a mixed-race marriage, would that not be bigotry? Or if women and minorities were still prevented from voting based solely on their gender or skin color, would that not be bigotry? Or had someone of a certain religion, for instance, Catholic, not been elected president based solely on his religion, would that not be bigotry? And when people of one sexual orientation denied equality to other people based solely on their sexual orientation, was that not bigotry?

This country has had enough of bigotry, whether it is aimed at skin color, gender, religion, or sexuality.

It is indeed time to “move on,” as some call on the rest of us to do. So, in that vein, I will support the continuation of the fight for justice and for equality in marriage. It is time to “move on” away from bigotry and toward justice and equality.

Ted Markow