Letter: End of the line is right place for Amtrak layovers

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I concede that the current schedule for the trains east of Portland are not the best, but I do have a beef with Edgar Allen Beem’s July 28 column, “The trouble with trains.”

Up until the late 1980s, the area at the end of Brunswick’s Lombard Street (off Pleasant Street) had a very active rail yard. That rail yard had been around since the first trains chugged into Brunswick in the middle 1880s.

So now, the Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority wants to put a storage and maintenance facility in the same rail yard. It sure makes sense to service the train at the end of the line. Oh yes, some want to go down the Rockland Branch for a facility, or put it in South Portland’s Rigby yard. Think about the added expense in order to get to such a facility.

If the folks in Freeport and Brunswick want the service now offered they better step up and fight for it. If I was NNEPRA, I’d take just so much guff from the neighbors and some legislators before canceling the service and bringing termination point back to Portland. This service is good for almost all who live in the Brunswick and Freeport area and surrounding communities. Let’s think of the big picture for the eastern side of Cumberland County and not just a few who complain.

Jerry Angier
Cape Elizabeth