Letter: Eliminate industrial operations in residential Cumberland

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The beep-beep-beeping of construction vehicles, the noise from the equipment being used and from dumping of material is loud and unhealthy. The activity of removing or processing gravel materials is a dusty industrial operation, not one conducive to a residential neighborhood. The heavy dump-truck traffic related to this type of activity is a safety hazard for pedestrians, bike riders and vehicle traffic on our roads. The weight of these trucks damages the roadways on which we travel, requiring more frequent and costly repairs.

As a Cumberland property owner and taxpayer, do you want a gravel pit in your neighborhood? I do not.

The residential zones in Cumberland encompass approximately 80 percent of the households in our town. The Rural Residential Districts in Section 204.1 of the Zoning Ordinance states “The RR districts primarily allow agriculture, low density residential and other low density uses with the intent of maintaining significant amounts of open space and a generally rural character.” The operation of a gravel mining operation is inconsistent with this definition and the enjoyment of residential life.

The citizen referendum on June 14 reads “Shall the town of Cumberland adopt an amendment to the Cumberland Zoning Ordinance which eliminates the excavation of land as a permitted use or special exception in the RR1 and RR2 districts?”

Please vote yes for now and our future.

Sharon Whittier