Letter: Elected officials should not be blank slates

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Ross Little asks whether the public could trust that council candidates “if elected, would be trustworthy and not beholden to outside groups” (The Forecaster, Oct. 5, 2016).

We’re elected officials who run open campaigns during which we tell voters what our values and agendas are so they can better understand who they’re voting for, and what we’ll do if elected. Having no ideas and/or no values or opinions about big issues does not impress knowledgeable voters.

Councilor Eben Rose and I believe in listening to diverse opinions, and out of respect for the work Mr. Little did on the economic development plan Rose renominated him for that position.

I’ve worked very hard to follow through on my public agenda for the past two years despite some fierce opposition, including from Mr. Little, who has as much of an agenda as anyone else, and a perfect right to it.

I believe that it’s a good thing to have a diversity of opinion on the council. We discuss and debate and vote our consciences. But let’s be clear. Mr. Little has his own agenda, which is to criticize and try to marginalize people who don’t think like him.

Councilors are elected to take an honest look at the issues before them and make wise decisions that are in the best interests of the people of South Portland. We hope and expect all councilors do so, no matter their affiliations, prior views, or values.

City Councilor Brad Fox
South Portland